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From SAD, actually for as long as I can remember, I Have suffered for quite some time. I actually dreaded the time 'heading back' because it signalled the beginning of SIX MONTHS weeks of the dreadful nights that were long and short days.

Those lucky folks who do not suffer with this disorder don't understand the debilitating symptoms it generates.

For the past two years I have employed a seasonal affective disorder light-box, that has been rather a costly purchase. The relief it gives is fantastic and I believed it was well worth the money I paid.

The main disadvantage, aside from price, is the truth that you've to blatantly sit-in the front of it for about 20 to 25 minutes every day-to get the maximum advantage. That may not be really convenient, only trying to produce the time and hope you do not get interrupted.

While I was shopping for something different just recently I unexpectedly discovered UNFORTUNATE light bulbs.

All these emit the entire daylight spectrum of of sunshine and are direct substitutes for bulbs that are normal and are supposed to help UNFORTUNATE sufferers.

So, I bought a few and fitted the other in the dining room and one to my lounge ceiling light fitting.
I must acknowledge, I was sceptical that these would work, considering the substantial cost difference between them as well as the light box.

For fellow sufferers, I have some information that is amazing, they work!

The mild quality is really amazing, it really is just like sunlight. Forget about sitting in front of the box that is light, I only go about my house as ordinary and the beauty of these bulbs is the coverage is a whole lot more constant and evened out.

These really make other light treatment goods in the shade, so to speak.

There is additionally an additional benefit from your bulbs that I purchased, they additionally ionise the atmosphere, which suggests which they behave as an air purifier too. The house is not much more unoriginal as a result and my UNHAPPY is no more a problem, so win-win at all times! Oh it's true, plus they are energy-savers too!

Another publicized benefit of the UNFORTUNATE light lights is, the caliber of the photo you take is superb should you shoot photos indoors. No more having to utilize filters to pay for the yellowish light emitted by conventional energy saver and tungsten lamps.

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